Social Media Management

Our team of professionals can show you how to maximize the power of social media or even do it for you.

Being found on search engines is accomplished by emphasizing high quality, unique content. The more valuable content you produce, the more likely it is that you will be recognized by search engines as a subject matter expert in your field. And subject matter experts rise to the top of SERPs (search engine results pages). The tools for achieving this status are available to you on all our platforms whether custom or CMS. For maximum effect, all the good content on your pages and in your blogs must be spread around the web using social media tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and others.

Digital Marketing Packages

111 Web Studio's digital marketing packages come in a variety of sizes. We are extremely flexible and tailor the work we do for each client based on their specific needs. We know what is needed to get successful results and will collaborate with you to determine what division of labor between our team and yours will get it all done while being the least stressful on your team. Following is a summary of options available.

The Buzz, Banter, Byline & Boost

We have four levels of monthly service at different price points so you can fit the work to your budget and count on a regular level of service. The difference will be the amount of time we devote to your project.

  • Any sort of work can be done at any level of service. (except the top plan is needed for video blog production.)
  • In any given month, different sorts of work might be done. (We might spend more time on consulting, branding, analytical work or structural work in the early months to get you set up while in later months we might be posting, blog editing, infographics, website adjustments, content review, call to action analysis, email campaigns, video, etc.)
  • We may spend more time in one month than another to accomplish particular goals (This won't effect the budget).
  • Certain development related items may be suggested that will be outside the budget and you can decide on whether you want to do those as they arise. (Examples: an initial competitive analysis, special web development.)

The Buzz is designed for the small business who needs to be found, but has to respect a tighter budget. It's perfect for the client who knows they need it and can't afford the time it takes to make it happen, so we take care of it for you. The Banter is a mid-level package that allows us to expand our involvement so you can get quicker results. The Byline is designed for the serious business who has to get found on search engines and has serious competition in the marketplace. The Boost is the most intensive package and may include custom video made in our own studio for a regular video blog. Each of these packages is customized to fit your particular needs and desires. Our objective is to do for you the things you can't, don't or won't do for yourself. We become your partner in getting the job done regardless of which package you choose.

Video Blogging

A video blog typically includes a regularly scheduled shoot and editing necessary to create enough videos until the next shoot. We have our own video production staff and video studio with virtual sets that can place you in an environment such as a news room, business office, meeting room or on a simple black, white or blue background. The sets can also include video inserts or slide shows as required. We can create starting and ending bumpers as necessary to give your videos a professional edge.

Benchmarking & Competitive Analysis

The 111 Web Studio On-line Competitive Threat Analysis takes a thorough look at your digital presence and evaluates where you are compared to your competitors as measured by a Benchmark SCOR (Strategic Competitive Online Result) and SEV (Search Engine Visibility) Report. Its goal is to determine where the main issues are so the highest priority digital marketing and SEO problems can be attacked first. It has the added benefit of telling you the strengths and weaknesses in your competitors' online profiles.

Contact Us about Social Media Management

For more information about the social media management options available to you, please call us at 877.397.7605 or Contact Us online.