Email Marketing

111 Web Studio's eBlast111 email marketing system is an easy-to-use, cost effective solution for reaching your online audiences. The system measures how many active subscribers you have had in any given month and allows you to send unlimited messages to those subscribers. Lists can be broken down into an unlimited number of groups. Subscribers who are in more than one group are only counted once. The system is completely Can Spam Act compliant and each message has an instant unsubscribe feature so recipients can opt out immediately. eBlast111 is also built in to our Build111, Church111 and Agent111 website builders.


The eBlast111 system provides extensive statistics. It tracks totals for all your campaigns and tracks separate information for each of your campaigns. In addition to totals for the month, year and all-time, the system tracks opens, clicks, forwards and bounces. If you have multiple links in your message, each link is identified separately so you can see which ones people clicked.

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